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Helen Fields in the 2005 Northlands Christmas Revels
Helen Fields in the 2005 Northlands Christmas Revels

Hi! I’m Helen Fields and I’m the brand-new Washington Revels blogger. Yay! I’m so excited! I’m a member of the Christmas Revels chorus.

This is my seventh time in the Christmas show, which means I more or less know how it works now. For example, I can tell the new people that they should use pencil for the notes they’re taking about where to stand on stage, because it’s definitely going to change.

This year I’ll be blogging about the process of getting from slightly-confused chorus member (we have to memorize lyrics in what languages?) to confident, costumed, finely-coiffed member of our on-stage community. I’ll report on costume fittings, rehearsals, and whatever else crosses my mind between now and December. In this blogging venture, you’ll also see occasional posts by our artistic director, Roberta Gasbarre, and our music director, Betsy Miller.

The adults auditioned for the chorus back in May and had our first rehearsal June 1st. We met each other and sang a bit, and the costume folks took our measurements so they could start their work over the summer. Since the beginning of September, we’ve rehearsed every Wednesday night and the occasional weekend day, too. Opening night – actually an afternoon, Saturday, December 3rd – is in a little over five weeks! Yikes!

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