Snap Encounters the Tarasque

Volunteer Leanne Wiberg has put in a lot of hours sewing scales onto the tarasque the last few days. She’s been keeping me up to date on the goings-on in the basement at the office, where this work is being done.

I have to share this picture Leanne took of Snap, a dragon puppet who has appeared on the Lisner stage many times. He lives in a prop storage area next to where the team is working on the tarasque. I particularly enjoyed Leanne’s caption.

Other dragons watch in horror as it dawns them that they too were made and constructed...that they too are motherless. Photo (and caption): Leanne Wiberg

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2 Replies to “Snap Encounters the Tarasque”

  1. Just a reminder to Snap should he be reading this. Not motherless at all! Altho left home in adolescent rebellion determined to make a life on stage, Mom has never given him up! Just a little roar will bring tender loving attention! Have treasured his paint all these years. . . just in case!

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