You Know It’s Tech Week When…

The Top Ten Reasons You Know It’s Tech Week:

The Breakfast of Champions
The Breakfast of Champions (applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs with fennel, and chopped avocado). Photo by Elizabeth Fulford Miller.

1. There is a rehearsal every night

2. You spend a lot of time ascending and descending stairs

3. Lisner Auditorium starts to feel like home

4. The second full day (of your day) begins at 5:00pm (call time!)

5. You wake up in the morning singing “Oy comamos y bebamos”

6. (… and, you can’t remember what words comes next)

7. You start the morning by eating a healthy breakfast

8. A mere single cup of coffee is not enough to get you going in the morning

9. You can’t remember what day of the week it is


10. Your feet really hurt!

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7 Replies to “You Know It’s Tech Week When…”

  1. Your all time least favorite Revels song becomes the ear worm from hell.
    Normally really nice people are heard snarling in the dark.
    Little kids walk by in costume and you burst into tears.
    You try but fail to remember what happened to October.
    You know that no matter how you try to hold the magic you will blink and it will be all over too soon.
    The most unpredictably amazing things keep happening.

  2. 12. People remind you to stop speaking a foreign language during staff meetings (lack of sleep and ear worms do strange things to the language processing centers of the brain). * This one actually happened today.

  3. You start the week with a kit of things you need to take to the theater and by the end of the week half the ones you need at the theater are at home, and vice versa.

    Driving downtown you end up at the theater whether you meant to or not.

    You know more about your Revels family than your real one.

    You’ve forgotten what home cooked food and regular sleep are.

  4. 1. Your spouse has forgotten what you look like; relatives are concerned, and all of a sudden, the prospect of Christmas shopping looks like the Fifth Circle of Hell.

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