A New Intern’s View: Guest Post by April Li

April 1Greetings, Revelers!

My name is April and I am so honored to be a new event planning intern at Washington Revels. I’m finding myself in a treasure island full of wonderful people and magical discoveries. I’m under passionate and inspiring hands from such a welcoming community who are so willing to teach me the world of arts, culture, and traditions. Let me take you on a short adventure of the curious little things I found around the office!

April 2



I love how these random and exciting things are scattered around. I couldn’t help but sit in the chair that could fit two of me and giggle. As I worked, I looked above and found a colorful bird enjoying its time hanging in a corner smirking at me.


April 3These bells reminded me of Esmerelda from Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, who I was head over heels for when I was a little girl. The colors just make me so giddy! I’m also fond of seeing halls of history, where I can see the evolution of costumes, pictures, stages, and plays in general.

April 4


To top it off, it’s so intriguing to see so many different kinds of props that are catered to different time periods, cultures, and stories. This is a place where imagination runs free and allows us to time travel through story-telling, singing, dancing, and simply being together as a family to celebrate!

I’m excited to be starting my Revels journey!