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Welcome to the Washington Revels blog!

This is a voice that you will hopefully not hear from again: Washington Revels as an organization. We don’t expect to be adding to the general conversation. However, since this is the “Washington Revels Blog,” we need to at least make you aware of the few policies that we feel are necessary in order to ensure the integrity of the Blog and of Washington Revels. So, here they are:


1.  We like a free exchange of information and communication. For that reason, our current intention is not to filter comments posted to the Blog before they are posted. That intention is subject to change, at our sole discretion, if too many comments  violate other policies (see below) and have to be taken down. If that happens, we will change this policy and let you know.

2.  If, after comments are posted, we determine that they violate other Washington Revels policies, we will take them down. We thus expressly reserve the right to restrict or remove any content that we (in our sole discretion) deem in violation of those policies. Most of this is common-sense stuff. Stating a comprehensive list of what is unacceptable is difficult, so this list does not purport to be exclusive, but examples include comments that (as determined by us) are defamatory; disparage or constitute personal attacks on anyone; contain proprietary or confidential information belonging to someone else (including intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, etc.); are illegal or that advocate criminal activity; use profane or obscene language; include inappropriate sexual content or links to sexual content; solicit business; include private or personal information about anyone; or are highly offensive.

3. Finally, we will take down comments that promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination against people based on prohibited categories – for Washington Revels, that includes gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, marital status, or age. We don’t allow vendors or other third parties to interact with members of the Revels community in these ways, so we will apply the same standards to comments posted to the blog.

4. We promise to hold our Directors, and anyone else whose blog we publish, to the same standards set forth in (2) and (3), above.

5.  All postings must identify the poster’s name and provide a legitimate email address. The purpose of this is to help ensure that the postings are from real people – the absence of this requirement would open up the blog to webcrawlers, spammers, etc.

That’s it – enjoy!!

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