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My Second Family, A Bubble of Kindness

by September 7, 2016 » Add the first comment.

A blog post by Clare Hardin, former Washington Revels child, teen, and intern. She tells of her experience in the Washington Revels community, and why she thinks your children and teenagers should come and revel with us.


Autumn is for Families

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There’s something for everyone — after-school workshops for PreK-8th grade, opportunities for children and teens to perform on stage, and family activities ranging from Community Sings, Pub Sings, concerts and parades, plus workshops (in music, dance and traditional crafts) – over 120 events each year. It’s a place where intergenerational interactions are a part of daily activities, a place where a family is invited to share in the joys of singing and community, and a place where traditions are honored, shared and created.


We’ll Take That to Go: Parades, Processions and Connecting with the Broader Community

by July 22, 2016 » Add the first comment.

The parade or procession is an essential element within Washington Revels’ seasonal celebrations, whether it’s the merry march across the grounds of Washington National Cathedral to celebrate springtime (May Revels) or through the Maryland suburbs at summer’s end (the Kensington Labor Day Parade), and it fits beautifully into the Washington Revels mission, bringing joy, celebrating tradition, and building relationships within the community and the region. Read more »


The Mask Maker’s Craft

by December 13, 2015 » Add the first comment.
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Down through the “centuries of the snow white world”, masks have been used for revels and rituals of all sorts. Masking is always a transformative act, whether it be children cavorting at Halloween or for an ancient ceremony among indigenous cultures. Masking does more than just cover the face and provide an altered appearance. When the archetype of the mask is clear to both performer and audience, the metaphors and meaning are accessible, then an act of sacred theater occurs. It is an exchange of ideas between the masked person and the viewer. Masks are a form of story telling within themselves. By evoking imagery either of localized cultures, or from the greater depths of the human psyche, the masks provides everyone a doorway into the story, removing the human form and substituting a metaphor in their place.


An Introduction to the Mythic Arts

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A guest post by Shane Odom, Mythical Designs. 

“Faerie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, Read more »


Being a Revels Kid in Autumn

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A guest post by Emilie Moore, Washington Revels Teaching Artist. I love experiencing traditions that I learned about as a child in Washington Revels through my Revels Kids eyes; I love witnessing that fascination and that thirst first hand. We sing songs and play games that were brought into my life because of Revels, and sharing these gifts with them brings me immense joy.
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What’s Going on Down There? The Costume Shop in Summer

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It’s July. It’s 85 degrees outside in a hazy, sluggish world full of Nature’s brightest greens, yellows and oranges. Of course no one is thinking about Christmas and December, right? Wrong.


Revisiting an Article by Mary Swope

by June 18, 2015 » Add the first comment.
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This article, written by Mary Swope eighteen years ago for the then-print newsletter Revelations, shows how some aspects of Revels are timeless. As we are deep in the middle of the upcoming 2015 show, we all appreciate seeing the overlap — Piffaro, a medieval castle, Mark Jaster, Roberta, Rosemary, Mary Gene and other aspects still bring endless spirit and energy to this year’s show, but we all also enjoy knowing how fully different the result will be than it was in 1997.


Raising Kids in the Revels World: Birthdays, Rhythms and Spring

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What Revels offers to all of us, parents and children, happens many times in every month: it’s the building of a moral compass, a value system, and a joyful map of humanity. If we carry that map with us every day in school or work, to the grocery store or the doctor’s waiting room, or to family celebrations, we will find the Revels joy will serve us well there.


Maypoles and… frog’s eggs?

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This was a cold winter in Washington. The new climate reality, for now at least, seems to be cold air masses that get stuck over the region, dumping down snow and ice and bringing cold winds—nothing that would impress your average Canadian or Bostonian, but cold for us mid-Atlantic types. Read more »