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My Second Family, A Bubble of Kindness

by September 7, 2016 » Add the first comment.

A blog post by Clare Hardin, former Washington Revels child, teen, and intern. She tells of her experience in the Washington Revels community, and why she thinks your children and teenagers should come and revel with us.


Revels and the Natural World

by November 30, 2015 » Add the first comment.
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In one of Washington Revels’ most-performed songs, “Country Life,” we sing: “I like to rise when the sun she rises, early in the morning/I like to hear them small birds singing, merrily upon their laylums.” A laylum is probably a bit of fallow land—it doesn’t matter; it’s a place Read more »


Over Hedges and Stiles

by November 17, 2015 » Add the first comment.
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“We have traveled many miles, over hedges and stiles.” That’s a line from “Please to See the King,” a song in this year’s Christmas Revels. I’ve been singing in the Christmas Revels chorus since 2004. Being involved with Revels has changed a lot about my world. It has brought me Read more »


Blessed by the Survachka

by October 31, 2013 » Add the first comment.
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Last week Assen Assenov, a leader in the Washington-area Bulgarian community, and his wife Simona Assenova stopped by rehearsal for the Christmas Revels. First they taught our Wednesday Night Work Party volunteers how to make a survachka, a stick that Bulgarian children use to bless their elders on New Year’s Read more »


Dancing (and singing) children

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This year, the children will not only sing in Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Croatian, and English… but they will also dance! Our children’s directors Kat Toton and Jenni Voorhees (along with children’s stage manager, Emilie Moore) couldn’t do all of this without help from our amazing specialists and tradition-bearers. Last Wednesday, Read more »


Winter Concert at the Birchmere

by December 27, 2011 » Add the second comment.
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Back in the early 90’s, Washington Revels did a few post-Christmas shows at the Birchmere with the local folk-rock band The New St. George. Now the New St. George’s leader, Jennifer Cutting, has a fabulous new band, and we’re reuniting with her to do a show tonight at the Birchmere! Read more »


Tarasque Spotted in Wild

by December 15, 2011 » Add the second comment.
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Chorus member Terry Winslow e-mailed this photograph of a tarasque to the chorus this week: Here’s proof that the tarasque is a real live piece of Provence’s folk history: a carving on a column at the church of Saint-Trophime in Arles. If I understand the construction history correctly, the oldest Read more »


Goodbye to Andalusia

by December 13, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Well, it’s over. Our beautiful Andalusian world has been dismantled. The final step in The Christmas Revels is taking down the set and moving all of our things out of the theater that we’d occupied for the last two weeks. The entire cast helps out with strike. The actual set Read more »


There’s a Wig Under There

by December 11, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Most of us get to walk around on stage with our own hair showing, but if your hair is too short or too pink, you have to wear a wig. Yesterday Jane Bloodworth, alto section leader and all-around awesome person, was kind enough to let me take pictures of having Read more »


Eating, Singing, and Hydrating After the Show

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This year the evening performances of The Christmas Revels are over at about 10:15. After the show I hang around in the lobby to chat with any friends who were at that performance, then go upstairs to get out of costume, wash my face, and leave the theater. Then I Read more »