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A Little Bit of Help on the Program

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I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few days helping to finish the Christmas Revels program. Our program is really elaborate. It has about eight articles, some about Revels activities and some about aspects of this year’s show. There’s a section of program notes that list every song, Read more »


You Know It’s Tech Week When…

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The Top Ten Reasons You Know It’s Tech Week: 1. There is a rehearsal every night 2. You spend a lot of time ascending and descending stairs 3. Lisner Auditorium starts to feel like home 4. The second full day (of your day) begins at 5:00pm (call time!) 5. You Read more »


Meet Rachid Halihal

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This year we are lucky to have two specialist music groups for our Christmas Revels show. The Arab Andalus group of musicians is named Layali El Andalus and is led by Rachid Halihal. Rachid is a world-class musician who brings, to us, the true character and spirit of music from Read more »


Revels Across the Country

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The Christmas Revels you get here in Washington is wonderful and unique, but it’s not the only Christmas Revels. We’re one of 10 Revels cities across the U.S. We’re all under a national Revels organization based in Cambridge, Mass. In addition to D.C. and Massachusetts, you can see The Christmas Read more »


Snap Encounters the Tarasque

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Volunteer Leanne Wiberg has put in a lot of hours sewing scales onto the tarasque the last few days. She’s been keeping me up to date on the goings-on in the basement at the office, where this work is being done. I have to share this picture Leanne took of Read more »


Lather, Rinse, Repeat… Memorizing Music

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Each year, our amazing Washington Revels Chorus (adults and teen) and Children have to memorize their music. The process begins in September, as we learn each piece, but the actual memory crunch tends to occur sometime in November (like… now!).  Some years our job is easier than others… like last Read more »


The Terrible, Adorable Tarasque

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Usually our Mummers play–the play-within-a-play in the second part of The Christmas Revels–features a hero fighting some kind of terrible monster. St. George and the dragon, for example. This year instead of a dragon we have a tarasque. The tarasque is a fearsome beast that ravaged, so the story goes, Read more »


Meet the Brass

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Well, it certainly was a big weekend in the life of this year’s Christmas Revels production — the full cast (adults, teens, children, musicians, and actors) finally has an opportunity to work through the entire show… in costume!  The “November weekend” at the Washington Episcopal School is also notable because Read more »


Between the Feet and the Stage

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You would not believe how much angst I had in my first year as a member of The Christmas Revels chorus. The culprit: shoes. It was 2004 and the show was set in medieval England, so we had to have very simple flat shoes. At one point I thought I’d Read more »


Widening the Circle

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At the beginning of most rehearsals, and before every performance, we all stand in a circle for something we call – wait, the clever name will amaze you – “circle.” Some people find this a bit off-putting. Yeah, there’s a certain amount of hand-holding. But it’s part of what brings Read more »