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Eight Hours Beneath the Basketball Hoops

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As the fall goes on, rehearsal starts taking up more time and more space. This weekend we have two all-day rehearsals at a school in Bethesda. Saturday there were props. Today there will be costumes. There are musicians wielding brass instruments. There are musicians wielding every other kind of instrument, Read more »


Ocho Kandelas Para Mi

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Last night at the Trio Sefardi concert we had the privilege of hearing Flory Jagoda sing her song “Ocho Kandelikas.” Trio Sefardi are playing in this year’s Christmas Revels; they’re the specialists in Sephardic music. The members of Trio Sefardi all learned from Flory, a wonderfully talented musician who lives Read more »


Sefardic Celebration!

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Tonight at 7:30pm, Trio Sefardi will be presenting a special concert at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church.  This will be Washington Revels’ second “salon-concert” presented in conjunction with the 2011 Christmas Revels show–offering a great opportunity to hear and interact with our guest musicians in a more intimate setting than Read more »


A Night in the Cathedral

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Yesterday afternoon I had an exciting trip: A fellow member of the Christmas Revels chorus picked me up at Dulles – I’d just flown in from a weekend in Ontario – and rushed me to the Washington National Cathedral. We were headed there to perform in the InterFaith Concert, which is Read more »


Welcome to the Blog!

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At last, the blog is launched. Welcome, dear readers! I hope you’ll read along with me through the Christmas Revels in December. If you want to catch up, you can read my introduction. (Short version: I’m a veteran chorus member.) I’ve already blogged about trying on my costume, a truly Read more »


Meet Daphna Mor

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Daphna Mor playing the ney

As I mentioned previously, we have two guest artist groups joining us for this year’s Christmas Revels show.  Over the next few days, I would like to profile each separate musician so you all can learn a bit more about them and the many talents and skills they bring to Read more »


Greetings from Music Land

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One month from now, we will be opening The Christmas Revels in Lisner Auditorium!  Whoa… Over here in “music land,” there are lots of moving parts this year.  First, there is the chorus — made up of adults and teens, and numbering about 55.  We have been learning music in Read more »


A Visit from Trio Sefardi

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Here’s an instruction I haven’t gotten before: “I need you to channel your inner Fiddler on the Roof.” Tonight was our first time practicing with all three of the members of Trio Sefardi – Susan Gaeta, Howard Bass, and Tina Chancey. They’re a local group that plays Sephardic music. When Read more »


Happy Halloween

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Every year, Reveler Barry Galef brings us a special treat: One of his carved pumpkins. These aren’t the jack-o-lanterns you’re used to, with the triangles for eyes and the half-moon for a mouth. He treats the pumpkin as a work of art, carving a detailed scene into their orange skin. Read more »


Hello Revels World!

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Hi! I’m Helen Fields and I’m the brand-new Washington Revels blogger. Yay! I’m so excited! I’m a member of the Christmas Revels chorus. This is my seventh time in the Christmas show, which means I more or less know how it works now. For example, I can tell the new Read more »