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Dancing (and singing) children

by October 14, 2013 » Add the second comment.
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This year, the children will not only sing in Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Croatian, and English… but they will also dance! Our children’s directors Kat Toton and Jenni Voorhees (along with children’s stage manager, Emilie Moore) couldn’t do all of this without help from our amazing specialists and tradition-bearers. Last Wednesday, Read more »


Eating, Singing, and Hydrating After the Show

by December 9, 2011 » Add more comments.
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This year the evening performances of The Christmas Revels are over at about 10:15. After the show I hang around in the lobby to chat with any friends who were at that performance, then go upstairs to get out of costume, wash my face, and leave the theater. Then I Read more »


You Can’t Revel Without an Audience

by December 8, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Last night I went to a play at the Shakespeare Theatre. After the performance, some of the actors came back out on stage to answer questions. Someone asked what part the audience plays in a performance. One of the actors said that audiences have different personalities; one night everything will Read more »


Dancing Around the World

by November 27, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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There are two really exciting dances in this year’s show. I’m not in either one, which means I’ve had opportunities to take blurry pictures of both. One is called “Saidi” – it’s a dance from southern Egypt with its roots in Ancient Egyptian martial arts. It involves guys dancing with Read more »