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Goodbye to Andalusia

by December 13, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Well, it’s over. Our beautiful Andalusian world has been dismantled. The final step in The Christmas Revels is taking down the set and moving all of our things out of the theater that we’d occupied for the last two weeks. The entire cast helps out with strike. The actual set Read more »


You Can’t Revel Without an Audience

by December 8, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Last night I went to a play at the Shakespeare Theatre. After the performance, some of the actors came back out on stage to answer questions. Someone asked what part the audience plays in a performance. One of the actors said that audiences have different personalities; one night everything will Read more »


Opening Day

by December 3, 2011 » Add more comments.
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It’s finally here! We auditioned in May, we started rehearsing in September, and we’ve been at Lisner Auditorium every night this week. Last night, we had a rehearsal with a practice audience. This afternoon is our opening night. (Yeah, I know. But “opening matinee” sounds silly.) In case you’re reading Read more »


In the Makeup Room

by December 1, 2011 » Add more comments.
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There are a lot of things I like about Revels. The community. The singing. The costumes. The ribbon sticks. Here’s something I don’t like: makeup. My goodness, stage makeup does not feel nice. And it doesn’t look so nice, either, up close. That’s ok, because stage makeup isn’t meant to Read more »


Secret Hiding Places for Running Orders

by November 29, 2011 » Add more comments.
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Monday night was our first night at Lisner Auditorium. We were all in costume to work on the first part of the show. This was our first time seeing the set (wow) and finding out what it’s like to do this show on that stage. Most of us carry a Read more »


Revels Across the Country

by November 28, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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The Christmas Revels you get here in Washington is wonderful and unique, but it’s not the only Christmas Revels. We’re one of 10 Revels cities across the U.S. We’re all under a national Revels organization based in Cambridge, Mass. In addition to D.C. and Massachusetts, you can see The Christmas Read more »